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Prison Walls

Caged lions roar and you will never see
A true man of faith whimpering in captivity
The lion emerged slowly dragging the weight of his chains
And the years had exhausted his body of its strength
The chains had bitten into his flesh, blood stained
Sore, wounded, bruised, but with fire in his eyes
Passion instilled, and the desire to rise

An abode for the hearts of gallant men
Unjust man-made laws for its citizens
Save those who refuse to submit to injustice
Darkness prevails but the light of his emaan
Provides a flame which burns the oppressors evil schemes
And ashes linger as the lion continues to remain firm
His deen, his salvation becomes the salve of his wounds
“And release the Waves of Justice and answer the call
The call from the Echoes of the Oppressed”*
Break free these Prison Walls.

*Line from a poem written by brother Rakan.

– I.I


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