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Abdullah Ibn Masood Ra said;

    “Whoever wishes to follow a good example, then let him follow the example of those how have already died (i.e., from the Prophet’s Companions RA). As for those who are still alive, not a single one of them is guaranteed safety from the trails and tribulations of life (i.e., we know that the Companions died upon Islam, but as for those who are still alive they might be Muslims now, but we do not know whether or not they will die as Muslims). The former group to whom I am referring consists of the Companions of Muhammad SAW. By Allah they are the best people of this nation; they are the most pious at heart, the most knowledgeable, and the least artificial of all people. Allah chose them to be companions of His Prophet SAW and to establish His religion. So acknowledge their superiority and follow their guidance, to the best of your ability, hold on to the example of their manners and of their religion, for indeed, they were upon guidance”.

Sharh us-Sunnah, By Imam Al-Baghawee (1/214, 215).


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